Outbreak ☣


A few days ago, we received a strange report. It was a terrified woman who was screaming that someone bitten her husband to death! It was the first documented case of a zombie infection in history. Today, more and more cases of infection are reporting across the country and the zombie virus is spreading on all continents of the world.

We established that the virus has escaped from a secret laboratory in Cork, infecting all its employees. Scientists working on the zombie virus have prepared a series of clues which, in the event of their death, will lead a rescue team to an antidote. However, scientists did not foresee a situation in which unauthorized entry into the laboratory area would reduce the time to find a cure to one hour. After this time, the laboratory will self-destruct!

You are a group of agents on a mission to find a cure in a laboratory overrun by infected and transformed workers. Prepare yourselves and go, but be cautious! You have only one hour to find a cure and save the humanity! You may be our last hope…








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